Another Year

2021. A year that began with a perfect sunrise family swim at Sidmouth. Dancing on frosty stones to warm up; complete with an audience of well wrapped onlookers and “caterwauling” gulls. A dawn full of promise and positivity after the debacle of 2020. Invigorated. Life is good

The year ended with a walk under a damp and grey clouded sky. Not maudlin black and dismal, just a heavy hanging sky that melts seamlessly into the river. Rae and I clad in wellies watch Sherlock comically tiptoeing through the mud. Peering through the sentry line of skeletal trees I noticed there was a glimpse of a brighter patch; a hint of blue over the valley. No more than an artist’s brush stroke, but a smile worthy hint just the same.

And so passes another year. Like the sky; filled with moments of darkness and for some, absolute bleakness. Unnamed here but you know that we will always be here for you.

That greyness of uncertainty still hangs over us all. But when that flash of blue seems fit to burst through our pessimism let’s embrace the moment. Never forget how to enjoy. Family, friends; we are but a moment in time.

Happy New Year to you all.

Published by simon

Chief bookworm at Foxed Finds vintage store on Etsy and in situ at The Antique Village near Hele Devon. Traditional angler, terrible surfer and prone to bouts of unprovoked stupidity.

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