Emerging from the cool riverside woodland Sherlock and I step into a pool of sunlight; so bright that even armed with a cap and sunglasses it makes my eyes water. We are greeted with a fanfare from a lone wren and a fly past from a pair of speckled wood butterflies. Ambling down this pathway,Continue reading “Fairies”

149 to go!

Today’s frosty riverside ramble produced a new world record. A pleasant forty minute winter walk actually took two hours. Not that I am complaining. For whilst Sherlock inspects and pee’s on every single molehill; I am able to watch the wildlife and immerse myself in it’s splendour. To quote Claude Monet (some bloke who couldContinue reading “149 to go!”

Another Year

2021. A year that began with a perfect sunrise family swim at Sidmouth. Dancing on frosty stones to warm up; complete with an audience of well wrapped onlookers and “caterwauling” gulls. A dawn full of promise and positivity after the debacle of 2020. Invigorated. Life is good The year ended with a walk under aContinue reading “Another Year”